How to Integrate Old and New: A Proposal of User-Centred Design for Bazaars in Bursa


ABSTRACT This research aims to develop a user-centered design model for shopping areas, traditional markets of Koza Han and Uzun Bazaar in Bursa. The research model evaluates the effect of user factor in the space through some principles analyzing the environmental and behavioral effects of the field. The data of physical environment including common circulation paths, public spaces surrounding built-up area, urban landmarks, historical articulations of the environment are observed. The behavioral analysis focuses on the characteristics of user groups, preferences and expectations. How these user factors can be integrated into design process is another main question. As the contribution to the field, it is aimed to set a questionnaire measuring the quality of end-user effect in the space. In conclusion, according to data of user-centered design analysis, the physical additions which destroy visual and perceptual continuity of space caused to a transformation through re-created spaces and functions in the area.