Urban Development Policy and Land Use Distributions in the Neighborhoods of Amasya, Turkey


ABSTRACT This study examines land uses in the neighborhoods of the city of Amasya to determine which of them have similar land uses. This was done using agglomerative hierarchical cluster analysis and the Ward method. The neighborhoods of Ormanbağları and Yazıbağları were found to have similar characteristics and were designated as cluster 1. Dere and Yüzevler are cluster 2. Cluster 3 consists of only one neighborhood, Nergis. Hacıilyas and Prinçci are in cluster 4. Based on the analysis of Amasya, these neighborhoods should have similar planning decisions. This will help to make planning more sustainable in Amasya. It is important to note that similarities among neighborhoods should be taken into account in development plans. This research presents a more consistent planning approach for land use distribution based on neighborhoods' needs. It shows that urban development policy should consider land use distribution in neighborhoods in order to achieve sustainable and livable urban development.