The Influence of the Interior Design of the Cafeterias on the Satisfaction Evaluation by the Students


ABSTRACT In this paper it is intended to determine whether or not the satisfaction of the university students of internal design of cafeterias which students use in between the classes and during their free time varies depending on some characteristics of the students. For this purpose a survey comprising 22 questions and intended for determining students' satisfaction of the internal design of a university cafeteria has been prepared and administered to 149 students. Statistically significant differences have been determined (p < 0.05) between satisfaction of the students of size of the cafeteria's architecture, layout of the tables and chairs, of service and catering points, design, material, comfort and color of the tables and chairs, illumination level, floor material and color, ceiling material with respect to their genders. Moreover statistically significant differences have also been determined between the satisfactions for some characteristics of the cafeteria depending on the grade, academic program type and differences in the revenues (p < 0.05). In conclusion it has been determined that the gender varies the satisfaction for many design feature and hence is the most significant factor in determining the satisfaction. It is considered that the fact that during design of cafeterias common denominators which cater to the satisfaction of the users and satisfy them the most must be determined and design must be done in conformity with the same shall increase satisfaction of the students of them.