Evaluating the Effects of Augmented Reality on Customers’ Behaviours in Building Marketing Process


Abstract With the emerging technologies, virtual living spaces has become a part of daily life. Today, the line between the virtual and the real is getting blurry and virtuality leaves its place into a mixed environment between the real and the virtual. Tehcnologies like augmented reality (AR) enable many possibilities in many different fields. Today AR systems are used in many different fields like; education, medicine, games and commercials and military. The use of AR in architecture is increasing every day. The architectural design is an interdisciplinary process where the architect, the client and other technical experts and engineers coexist. The AR gives opportunity to observe the architectural designs in their real environments before they are built. Thus, problems based on marketing and client expectations will be solved before the implementation. In this study, the effect of the use of AR on architectural design marketing was questioned. In the case study; 2D renderings and 3D AR models of the same design have been showed to the 50 clients which are chosen with random selection method. Regarding to survey results, the importance of the use of AR in architectural design marketing was evaluated.