The Deterioration Problems Observed in the Natural Building Blocks of Saint George Church in Diyarbakýr Province


Abstract In this study, the deterioration problems in the building blocks of the Saint George Church in Diyarbakır was observed and its causes were investigated. Physicomechanical, biological and chemical degradations occurring in the building are classified using international criteria and each type of degradation is explained by giving examples through visual examination. Physicomechanical deteriorations such as fractures, cracks, abrasions, and honeycomb weathering are mostly seen in the structure of the stones. Black crust and salt accumulations caused by biological and chemical effects were also observed.The aim of this study is to examine the causes and types of degradation observed in the building blocks of the Saint George Church and to draw attention to the initiation of the works to take precautions by emphasizing the necessity of conservation and restoration processes in the building. We think that this study can be a resource that can be used in the conservation practices of other stone structures in Diyarbakır.