Design of Unique Urban Furniture in Outdoor Campus Areas


Abstract In addition to undertaking education, universities can also be described as the institutions where social and cultural activities are carried out. The most important spaces for carrying out the social and cultural activities are the outdoor and green areas of the campus. It is a must for these outdoor and green areas to enable students to socialize. In this study, it is aimed to analyze the landscape design of the pre-determined area of the Eyyubiye Campus of Harran University, along with the design of urban furniture made out of stone of Urfa. The landscape design stages comprise of programming, design, construction and occupancy processes. The design of the unique urban furniture is laid great importance, focusing on reflecting the identity of the city of urban furniture that is constructed during the process of designing and embodying the imaginative features of the city. Also, construction techniques are presented by means of making designs that prioritize sustainable design indicators. Additionally, it was inferred from the design that the Urfa stone could be recognized as the building material for urban furniture.