Changing Terminology of Definition and Design of Wearable Technology Products


ABSTRACT While technology is becoming the most important part of daily experiences, the concept of the Internet of Things IoT, has been one of the most important factor in the transition of industrial to information society. When we examine this concept of IoT, that has the potential to offer a wide range of changes especially in daily life, it can be seen that among others, consumers are being presented to wearable technology products. Wearable technologies are implemented in products that are integrated into the human body in different ways, usually connected to a network. These products, such as jewellery, glasses, clothing, or any other similar item include sensors or other technologies. New features are either added to the existing products in the market or new product products categories emerge by wearable technologies. There are many definitions of wearable technologies and/or wearable technology products in the literature due to both the variety of products available in the technology market and lack of standards in the field of wearable technologies. This makes it difficult to classify products throughout the history of wearable technologies. In this study, it is aimed to make a review of existing wearable technology definitions and to explore to what extent the products meet the requirements of these definitions. The main objective is to make clear and suggest wearable technology product requirements to the designer, engineer and researcher. It is important to determine the boundaries of stakeholders in the process of new product development of wearable technology products which are products of interdisicplinary studies.