Building Design in between Living and Manufactured: A Research on Terminology


ABSTRACT Due to recent technological advancements, technological transition through designing together with living organisms is a growing phenomenon in multiple disciplines as well as in building design. Within this technological transition period, a large number of concepts with varied terms and definitions introduce comprehensive aspects and possible impacts of the unity of living and manufactured components. While many concepts resonate in building design, a blanket term is missing in the existing literature. To identify suitable terms and definitions which either should be adopted or disregarded in the scope of the building design, this paper presents an overview of the existing terminology. In the framework of the research, firstly the descriptions of the innovations, exemplifying the incorporation of living components, were examined in eighty (80) cases related to building design. The most-used terms and definitions lead us to determine the scope of the literature review. Further on, expert opinions, (20) twenty practitioners professionally working with the innovations, were obtained. While the research clarifies the variety in the terminology, the paper underlines the critical importance of the phenomenon in terms of bringing substantial possibilities into building design through multiple functions, domains, disciplines.