An Ergonomic Analysis of Physical Environmental Conditions in Offices (Usak University Academic Staff Example)


ABSTRCT Ergonomics is called the scientific study of the relationship between person and his work environment. With the advancing technology and rapidly increasing possibilities, today many businesses are managed from venues and offices. The items (especially furniture) used in spaces and offices are extremely important in terms of increasing the productivity of the employees. With this study, it was tried to investigate whether the ergonomic adequacy of the physical environment conditions in the offices differ significantly according to the demographic characteristics of the academic staff working at Usak University. The research population consists of academic staff working at Usak University. In the spring semester of 2017-2018, totally 720 academic staff work at the university. Within the scope of the study, it was aimed to reach all academic staff, but 300 academic staff were sent a survey. While preparing the questionnaire form to be used in the study, previously prepared studies on the subject were used. Surveys were received from 182 academic staff within the scope of the study. The return rate of the surveys is 61%. The questionnaire forms obtained were then evaluated statistically with the help of SPSS package program. It was determined that 42.3% of the participants were between the ages of 25-34. 57.1% of the participants are men. 78% of the academic staff stated that they found the proximity of the office they work with to the job related tools (photocopy, printer, etc.) are sufficient. 73.6% of the participants think that the office furniture is suitable for their body sizes and 72.5% of the participants think that the other offices that they work at are close enough.