Investigation of the Residence with Respect to the Ecological Criteria


ABSTRACT Humanity is now questioning the technology and trying to reduce the damage it inflicts on the environment. This reflects with the emergence of ecological building designs in the building sector. Ecological designs are encouraged by certification systems in the building sector and systems that provide comfort conditions without harming the environment. It is necessary to produce sustainable designs in the current environment in order to be able to achieve this position and to provide sustainability of the environment. It is important to examine design criteria of earlier structures in history if it can provide this. In this study, it is aimed to reveal the ecological characteristics a new residence building in Talas District of Kayseri by making use of the criteria of international certification systems. The new structure that is considered in the concept of ecology has been examined in terms of their suitability to criteria such as ecology, energy, economy, indoor environmental quality, health and welfare, innovation, management, land use, transportation, renewable technology, water, environmental pollution and CO2 emissions material and waste. It is aimed that this study contributes to making sensitive designs in terms of sustainable environment in the future.