Holistic Sustainability in Industrial Buildings: Historical Kalaycılar Masmanası in Kilis


ABSTRACT As proof of industrial developments, industrial buildings make users feel a sense of space. They are cultural heritage examples and deliver a set of values from the past to the present and even to the future. The Kalaycılar Masmanası in Kilis, as an industrial building example which has continued its original function as an olive oil and soap-making factory until the 1960s and then it has been left to its fate for many years in ruined has been preserved with this awareness. First, between the years 2014 - 2016 the building was reconstructed and restored as a result of an extremely rigorous study by architect Sıdıka Bebekoğlu, who spent her childhood and youth in Kilis. Later, the building was restored one more time by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to be used with a different context than its original usage. However, the Kalaycılar Masmanası which is one of the remaining industrial heritage examples of its kind should be kept alive not only spatially, but also with its traces of the original usage. The sustainability of collective memory will only be possible as a result of experiencing a structure by knowing its original use.