Ergonomic Investigation of Computer Laboratories of Çay Vocational and Technical High School in terms of Students


ABSTRACT Computers, which are at the center of our lives and which are an important product of necessity and in addition to many positives are threatening user health as a countermeasure against long hours usage. In this study, physical disorders caused by ergonomic problems arising by increased computer use were examined. For this purpose, this study was carried out in two different computer laboratories in the same school as the students of Information Technology Technologies in Çay Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. With the measurement tools, the physical conditions of the laboratories, relative humidity and temperature, noise, desk and chair, monitor, keyboard etc. dimensions have been determined. A healthy computer usage simulation was shown to the students and a questionnaire applied to the students was tried to determine problems arising from the laboratory environment and equipment. As a result, much more complaints emerged than in the literature, and students were found to be uncomfortable with the physical conditions of the laboratories. According to the results obtained, it has been discussed which improvements should be made.