Waterscapes – Water Games and their Perceptual Descriptions in Pre-School Children Paintings


ABSTRACT The association between water and game is the main topic of the present study. The study aimed to investigate the perceptions of 3-6 years old pre-school children on waterscapes and water games through their paintings. 86 children attending two kindergartens in Trabzon, Turkey participated. The children were asked to paint a picture about water. Children's paintings were analyzed based on the type of the depicted water source and the type of game, while the children's perceptions about the water were analyzed based on their statements about their paintings and converted into numerical data. Conducted analyses demonstrated that children mostly associated the concept of water with the sea and portrayed swimming as a water game. 6 different water types were depicted and 15 different water games were portrayed. It was determined that water is an important game tool for children, allowing them to play various games and it was perceived positively.