Analysis and Typology Studies on Aqueducts in Historical Kırkçeşme Water System


ABSTRACT Historic water systems in Istanbul, a world city and on the World Cultural Heritage List, are in danger of extinction due to improper construction, public works and unconscious repairs.In this study, the Kırkçeşme Water System, one of the historical water systems from the Ottoman Period in Istanbul, has been discussed.The article provides information about the Kırkçeşme Water System and its water structures and emphasizes the characteristics of aqueducts.After obtaining information from various sources about the water structures in the Kırkçeşme Water System, these structures have been determined by on-site inspection.Conservation of water-related waterways, which are vital for humanity, is neglected as a cultural asset. In this study, it has been aimed to draw attention to these water systems and to give general information about the Kırkçeşme Water System, and to provide an analysis and typology study on the aqueducts in the system.