Relationship between the Spatial Depth and Window Opening Amasya, Hatuniye District Rahduvanlar and Seven-Kazak Mansion Sample


ABSTRACT The main purpose of the study is to reveal whether or not the environmental factors which are important parameters in design were addressed in the traditional houses of Amasya by assessing the relationship between the spatial depth and window opening according to the CIE (S011/E) standard in terms of natural lightning. In the first section of the study, brief information was given about the content of the study by summarizing the information of factors and user needs that affect housing design. Then, information was given about the study area under the title of Material and Method. Natural lightning in the Traditional Houses of Amasya was discussed. The relationship between the spatial depth and window opening of Traditional Houses of Amasya which the main theme of the study was assessed in terms of environmental factors. In the Findings and Evaluation section, findings on the parameters that affect the spatial depth and window opening of 2 preserved houses of which one of them has street facade and the other have river facade, among the 154 registered houses in Amasya, Hatuniye District was revealed. The compliance of the natural lightning of houses according to the environmental factors to the CIE (S011/E) standard was determined by analyzing the data in the SPSS IBM Windows program. In the Conclusion and Suggestions section, the design parameters that were observed in the study area were revealed and instructive suggestions were made for the housing designs that would be built at the present times within the framework of CIE (S011/E) standard.