A Study on the Booming Architecture in Ankara with the Concept of “Dwelling” of Heidegger: Yeþiltepe Buildings


ABSTRACT This article discusses the dwelling concept formed by the Modern movement in Ankara between 1950-1960 within the scope of “Yeşiltepe Buildings” and it evaluates this era with the phenomenological approach of Heidegger. This approach, as a criticism of the idea of Cartesian space, presents an approach that gives particular importance to the human being experiencing the space (as Dasein) and human perception and it also enables to question the understanding of singular space that has been introduced with Modernism. The alienation that has been imposed by Modernism has been appraised with the opinions of Heidegger in this research that has been carried out within this scope. Structured query has been limited to the “Yeşiltepe Buildings” and the new life style introduced by the new order has been analyzed via this example. The study is an area study where qualitative research techniques have been applied.