The Use of Laser Scanning Technology to Survey Building Facades: A Case Study of Camlica Street, Beylerbeyi, Istanbul


ABSTRACT Today, laser scanning technology has many application areas in areas such as medicine, civil engineering, geodesy engineering and architecture. Photogrammetry, the ability to obtain fast, detailed and accurate information with terrestrial laser scanning and lidar technology, contribute a new dimension to architectural documentation research. Data from terrestrial laser scanners and 3D digital orthoimages provide high speed and accuracy in designing digital surface models. Since it is now possible use 3D precise digital documentation with dimensional accuracy at the millimeter level, it has become essential to support surveying studies with technology in Turkey. This article will describe the learning acquisitions and experience gained by surveying and drawing the front facades of nine wooden buildings in Beylerbeyi's Camlıca Street using laser scanning technology and discuss the use of technology in education. Keywords: digital surveying, 3D documentation, laser scanning technology, architectural restoration, street silhouette