A Model Proposal to Trawler Yachts from Hull form Importing to Superstructure, Interior Space Arrangement and Modeling with Set of Numerical Parameters


ABSTRACT In this study, parametric design with set of numerical parameters of trawler yachts design and modeling are presented. This parametric design is utilized to find a superstructure form and interior space design by considering hull, superstructure, lower deck, staircases and cocpit area. Within the scope of this study, the design phases are based on the desire to achieve a faster and more accurate result by creating a design process sequence according to the determined yacht typology. Based on the numerical values of the yacht form, it is aimed to make the superstructure and interior designs suitable for the desired typology. This study attempts to visualize trawler typology as a step to be taken by automatically modeling the desired typology. This approach does not completely replace the experts’ design knowhow's but at least it suggests a guideline to initial layout of interior spaces and superstructure design.