Internet of Things on the Axis of Design and Technology Interaction: IOT Products as a New Product Paradigm


ABSTRACT In recent years, as a result of the fact that technological components have become smaller, cheaper and widespread, information and communication technologies have started to be embedded in all kinds of everyday products. Due to technology integration, products undergo radical changes both in content and form. The Internet of Things (IOT), one of the most important technologies, describes mainly a communication network in which objects are involved, and consumer products constitute an important part of this system. In the scope of this study, which aims to examine the Internet of Things from the product design perspective, firstly, information about the origins, emergence, definition, and development of the concept is compiled, and then the enabling technologies and the application areas in different sectors are examined. Properties and types of IOT objects, as one of the most important components of the system, have been tried to be defined. The main features of IOT products that are separated from existing technological products have been tried to be determined. In order to understand the implications of the integration of IOT technology into everyday products, IOT products introduced to the market were evaluated in terms of design and technology interaction, and the effects of the technological properties of these products on design are discussed in terms of function, form, and interaction.