Sovereignty Over the Streets: Understanding of the Use of Mosquito Device in the Streets by the Application of the Space Syntax Method


ABSTRACT Providing sovereignty over the streets evolves by the use of different apparatus. From the past to the present, sovereignty over the streets was provided via different forms, with the use of towers, radial urban plans, illumination, cameras and mosquito devices. Of all those employed, the mosquito device, which was introduced recently, emits sound for providing sovereignity. Research was carried out on the mosquito devices, which are generally used in transportation hubs, to understand how can they affect the street network by using the space syntax method. The Galata-Karakoy district of Istanbul was chosen as a plot area for the field study and the mosquito device was assumed to be placed in the transportation hubs in this area. As a result of the analyses made, the values of connectivity, local and global integrations in the street network were seen as decreased. The affect of the mosquito devices on the flow in the streets was discussed.