Evaluation of Traditional Çarşıs (Bazaar) in Urban Cores within the Context of Spatial Quality: The Case of Kapanönü Çarşı (İzmit/Turkey)


ABSTRACT The study focuses on the historical city centers and traditional trade spaces on the Anatolian territory from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey. However, as production and consumption change, traditional çarşıs lose their functions partly or completely, become idle, and have reduced quality of life in the course of time. The study area was selected from Izmit.The subject of the study is Kapanönü Çarşı, which is located in the historical city center of Izmit, has reached today with no change in its name, is maintaining its function of trade in the same place, and stands as one of the important traditional çarşıs of Izmit. Aim of the study is starting from characteristics of Kapanönü Çarşı to develop new suggestions to create a livable çarşı with the determine the state of authentic spatial characteristics, identity, sustainability, spatial quality features by users of the çarşı. The study revealed the spatial character and perception of Kapanönü Çarşı by city dwellers as well. Both the observations of the researchers and the result of survey with the users of the space must be made re-organization of Kapanönü Çarşı based on the problems and suggestions in the research.