Art and Roman Architecture: God’s Face on the Temple Facade: A Case Study in Temple “P” in Side, Pamphylia / Turkey


ABSTRACT With a half-round plan and high podium the Temple “P” in Side, Pamphylia had been discovered more than a century ago and partially investigated after its excavation half a century later. A new study was launched in 2013 in order to re-examine the historical structure, dedication and architecture, which had not yet been definitively determined. This research determined that the bust on the front façade of the entirely existent one of the two tympanums at the monumental entrance of the temple, which was evidential of the dedication of the temple to the God Men, was not in fact a “man head” as it was claimed, but portrayed a woman along with Demeter’s attributes; perhaps Kore, the daughter of the goddess of abundance. Through archaeological and historical building research on site new information regarding the functionality of the temple, as well as the caving and bulging architecture of the monumental entrance structure was obtained.