Comparative Analysis between Art and Architecture


ABSTRACT Everyone has a unique identity which characterizes their individual personality. Professions tend to behave likewise. However, two prominent professions which have remained inseparable from time immemorial, despite attempts to separate them are art and architecture. At a time, art was separated from architecture when specialization of the various professional fields came into play, which gave rise to the formation of different specialized fields such as Engineering, Quantity surveying, urban planning, surveying and so on. But can art be completely separated from architecture? This extensive review of literature throws more light to unravel the genesis and interrelationship between art and architecture. The aim of this paper is to highlight the relevance of art in the field of architecture with a view towards establishing the role art plays in architectural designs. The paper recommends that artists may eventually become good architects, but architects may not necessarily end up as good artists. It concludes by specifying the need for architects to have deeper knowledge of art, as art is the flesh or body of inventions while science is the soul. Both fields are intertwined and interrelated and may not really exist separately without the other.