Emotional Design of Printed Fabrics Using the Aesthetics of Arabic Calligraphy


This paper is concerned with emotional design, which can influence user experience and combine it with happiness and enjoyment. Emotions have a crucial role in human ability to understand the world. Today, users buy a product, not only for functional aspects of it, but also they are attracted to emotional usability of the product. Therefore, designers are more focused on emotional aspects of design. The products that are designed based on emotional design are more desirable and bring more satisfaction to the user. The research is based on the experience of the Arabic calligraphy units, letters and words with new formulations of artist s innovation for Arabic calligraphy in new varieties, and then use it in the designing of printed fabrics with different repetition ways, based on the new styles are available in which aesthetic elements. These elements are achieved as a result of the designer's ability to use vocabulary design from decorative units, materials, the relationship between the place and product and the impact of colors and lights. which based on the theories of human factors design (human emotion). It has been conducting a survey using questionnaire that contained a range of items measuring the user’s reaction against the proposed designs and their impact on the behavior. The sample size reached 45 person.