Evaluation of Final Product Integrated with Intelligent Systems in Architectural Education Studios


Intelligent systems and artificial intelligence are used in many areas today. In this study, it was investigated how smart systems could be successful in evaluating the projects presented as final products within the scope of studio lesson in architectural education process. In line with this aim, the study was arranged with the educational design projects designed by the students within the scope of the architectural design studio, which is the most important basic unit of architectural education. Firstly, the projects prepared during the training process were assessed and graded by the jury. After that, 51 architects (architecture fourth graders) were asked to evaluate the educational structure projects obtained at the end of the training process over the delivered products. Five different criteria have been used in evaluations such as form, function, aesthetics, flexibility and authenticity. The assessments made by the architects and the jury members were paired and the data set was created. The numerical values obtained were trained and tested using intelligent system methods used to solve different problems in the literature. At the end of the study, evaluation scores and estimation percentages of intelligent systems were found. Intelligent systems seemed to come very close to the assessments that the jury made. The use of intelligent systems for the final product evaluation in architectural studios has been recommended.