A Proposed Method on the Functionality Analysis of the Square - A Case Study: Eminonu Square Field Work


In this research, analysis method based on users and sustainable squares should be focused of the users. In this context, “Observation Method” was used for users orientation in the fields (squares). By this method, we can do users observation and users mapping analysis. By This way to compare the data obtained with the mathematical data used Space Syntax method. Space Syntax is an user-oriented method. In this way, we can obtain data about using space and user orientation in the space. So, square’s circulation and static fields are determined. By using the methods, functional and useful spaces will be provided at the same time the production of sustainable spaces. In this research, Eminonu Square in the İstanbul Historic Peninsula is selected for application area. The method has been tested in this area. With the results of the analysis demonstrated comments for sustainable square design