The Functions of the Cinema in the Process of the Individual’s Becoming Socialized


Mankind learns to meet his basic needs with his experiences derived from the time he was born, which can be defined to speak, to communicate, interacting with his neighbourhood and behaving according to the cultural and sociological structure of the society he lives in. Cinema is one of the means of socialization for mankind in the process of becoming a socialized being. The individuals create themselves a social area and formed group values via the films they have seen either on television or at the cinema saloons. The individual is greatly influenced by mass media and especially by the films he watched within the first (family) and second groups (his fellows, schoolmates…) starting from his childhood. This influence can happen in two ways. The first is the child decides on the films with his friends and family. In this way, he creates a social area for himself. The second is, he builds group values during the sharing process of the notion, knowledge and senses he had from the films he watched. The language of cinema includes the construction of the items in a certain unity and the recreation of the image, so called reality, which is wanted to be created through the subconscious of the audiences. The recreation of the reality by the individuals is reshaped according to the social relations and interaction process of the audiences at that point.