The Use of Digital Effects in Science Fiction Cinema and Interstellar (2014) movie


It is difficult to define science fiction. The limits of science fiction are uncertain. Science fiction genre is generally correlated with technology. Fictional and fantastic elements are found in the basis of science fiction. However, the topics of science fiction may change. Movies about space interest the audiences every time. Especially, space theme has been used since the movie of George MeliesA Trip to the Moon (1902). Technology is used in the most intensive in science fictiongenre. In this context, the use of digital effects is an important research area in science fiction cinema. It is a true that academic studies held on science fiction are less in our country and in the world. In this study, the use of digital effects will be examined in science fiction cinema. The film of Christopher Nolan Interstellar (2014) movie, which is a popular product of this genre will be analyzed. In study, the influence of use of effect is tried to reveal in science fiction cinema.