Retrospektif Bakış Açısıyla Eileen Gray


One of the leading modernist women designers of 20th century, Eileen Gray is labelled with her works in her own period by both having a liberal and innovative spirit and also a modest personality, however, her late-coming fame made her familiar in our present day. Gray was born in Ireland in 1878 and lived her professional summit in Dolce Vita in Paris with comfortable and luxurious days of that time and famous Jean Desert Gallery was opened at this time. E 1027 House and Tempe à Pailla House both have an important role in her life, which was also covered in a film called The Price of Desire. Having a novel-like life besides her works, Gray died in 1976 and our study will involve her life, an analysis of her works, her viewpoint into an understanding of design and her dialogues made together with the famous architect Le Corbusier. The retrospective Eileen Gray exhibition, opened in Paris- Pompidou Culture Center in 2013, is an important turning point to understand her contribution to the world of architecture and design and to get the value she deserved even if it is years after her death. In the study, original photos and exhibition design will be involved. After this exhibition, many permanent and continuous ones were also opened, the restoration of E.1027 House was completed and a film about Gray’s life and her works was released to the big screen. As a result, her contributions to the world of architecture, her focus on functionality besides forms in her each design from architecture to carpets, from spaces to illumination elements, herself spirit and her ability to make tailor-made designs were one of her most important characteristics that distinguishes her from other male designers of the same period.