The Effects of Font Type Choosing on Visual Perception and Visual Communication


From the primitive cavemen to the modern societies of technology, the signs were given meanings and these signs became the most important elements of visual communication as a symbol of communication. These visual communication symbols that were seen in each period and society in history where human beings were present carried different meanings in different cultures. Visual communication is now an inseparable piece of our social and individual lives. As a matter of fact, in all areas of activity in our daily lives, visual communication is being applied. Choosing the suitable one among the font piles that reach to ten thousands as of today requires preliminary information and experience. Although in our day there are different font catalogues prepared, it is pretty difficult to determine and choose which font is more suitable with which message. The most important characteristic of writing is that it carries the communication message directly to the reader. The reader should be able to read and understand the message carried to him/her as fast and as easily as possible. This paper examines the effects of font choices in visual perception and visual communication, and furthermore mentions the letter and font specifications that should be act accordingly in written documents for the message that is the essence of the communication to be understood better.