Physical Development and Change Process of Trabzon Kaleici (Hisar) Settlement Area


Abstract Mankind faced difficulties in daily life, and this situation came together and contributed to the formation of the concept of the city. Although the city of Trabzon has been in an important position since ancient times, it has been preferred as a settlement by many civilizations. The area has a very high value in terms of forming the core of the city as well as containing its characteristic features. The study aimed to determine the factors that were effective in the shaping of Kaleiçi (Hisar) and its surroundings, the area where the city of Trabzon was first established, and the changes it has undergone from the past to the present. In this context, literature research was conducted, engravings, maps and visual documents related to the establishment and development of the city were examined. In order to determine the changes that have occurred as a result of the application studies carried out in recent years, field studies have been carried out and visual maps have been created. The study, which includes images of different points belonging to the area, allowed us to compare the area with the old version. The findings revealed that the region was under the influence of traffic and noise caused by daily living conditions, and was under pressure from the surrounding structures. In addition, in the region where the settler profile has changed drastically, it is seen that the protected houses have been abandoned for different reasons such as expropriation, material and structural conditions.