Visual Expressions of Corporate Identity in the Office Spaces


Abstract The relationship between corporate identity and interior design of institutional spaces is relatively a recent research field for Turkish debates. Turkish companies have underestimated the significance of corporate identity design. The architects and designers of corporate spaces also ignored its indispensability due to the diversity of design constraints restricted by corporate identity regulations. This paper aims to understand this mutual yet polemical relationship of designers with limitations and establish a set of guidelines for better cooperation by searching for the positive influences of corporate identity restrictions on office design through case studies. This paper analyzes the interior spaces of two rival companies in Turkey, designed by Habif architecture, and uncovers the design approaches behind creating office environments in line with corporate identity restrictions. Through an analytical matrix that aids in decoding the codes of corporate identity represented by logo design, character/concept, corporate colors, and shapes, this study compares and contrasts the reception areas and social spaces, such as gathering corners, meeting rooms, cafes, in terms of interior design, material, furniture, and lighting selections; and uncovers the role of creativity in solving design problems limited by corporate identity restrictions.