An Examination of Suleymaniye Region in the Context of UNESCO Criteria


ABSTRACT Süleymaniye Region, which was accepted to the world heritage list together with Istanbul's Sur'u Sultani, Zeyrek and Land Walls areas in 1985, loses its authenticity and value compared to the days when it was included in the heritage list as a result of delayed conservation decisions, inadequate and faulty practices. Revitalizing the history with the methods of 'rebuilding by demolishing', demolishing the existing buildings and placing them in the region in the form of imitation of old wooden architecture, and not consulting the local people or experts sufficiently before and during all these applications are among the problems in the region. These methods not only do not comply with the major international acceptances, but also lead to the wear and tear of the remaining values of the region. Following a brief history of the Süleymaniye Region, the text evaluates the practices in the region according to UNESCO criteria and discusses the necessary methods to provide more successful protection in the region.