Swot Analysis of Urban Transformation Areas in Yozgat


ABSTRACT The aim of this research is to determine the environmental effects of deteriorated and abandoned urban areas and to seek a solution for this situation. For this purpose, the problem of deteriorated and abandoned urban areas can be solved by urban transformation. The lack of sustainable development planning in these dilapidated and depreciated urban areas in Turkey seems to be a serious problem in many cities, bringing along abandoned houses and many other urban problems in these depreciated urban areas. As EU countries have sustainable regulations, they can offer solutions for sustainable development and healthy urbanization in abandoned and slum areas in cities. As a result of rapid urbanization, there is a loss of value in these abandoned areas, which are deteriorated areas, in urban areas with economic, social, and physical environmental problems of unplanned development. This article focuses on the reintroduction of urban deteriorated areas into the city with the materials in physical space and urban transformation tools in economic, ecological, and functional characteristics. Applications can develop an action model based on urban transformation as a solution tool in dilapidated and abandoned urban areas.