A Bibliometric Analysis on Occupational Health and Safety in Constructions between 1996-2020


Abstract Numerous accidents in construction and the consequences of these accidents have made the care that the stakeholders of the building sector should show to human resources in terms of occupational health and safety. For this reason, the number of academic studies on occupational health and safety problems in the building sector is increasing. In this study, it was aimed to determine which subjects focused on academic studies produced to encourage a positive safety culture and improve safety performance of the construction site and to determine the areas and methods that should be studied in the future. For this purpose, within the scope of this study, the articles between 1996-2020, which were scanned within the scope of Analysis unit WoS using scientific mapping method, were examined. While the evolution map of the articles scanned with the keywords "Construction, Construction Workers, Risk, Occupational Health and Safety" were obtained, network and density charts were created with VOSviewer software and the trends of these studies were determined. In addition, potential study areas for future studies have been identified and proposed.