Bibliometric Analysis of Fire Safety Research in Green Buildings 2000-2021


ABSTRACT This study creates a bibliometric profile of scientific research on fire safety problems and solution methods in green buildings, which is important for sustainability of built enviroments. The bibliometric method, which analyzes scientific publications quantitatively and visually, is used in scientific studies on fire safety in green buildings (GBFS) between the years 2000-2021 to reveal research areas, trends, and new research needs. Scopus database is used to view scientific publications and VOSviewer Software is used for bibliometric analysis tool. To present the global framework of the research area, 213 articles were seen as a result of the searches in the database. The results show that the studies on GBFS are limited, and the fields of study are focused on materials and chemical engineering sciences. There is a need for architecture and engineering disciplines research related to green building and fire safety designs. The bibliometric analysis findings will provide insight into current research areas and new trends for green building and fire safety design stakeholders and academics.