Comparative Analysis of Sustainability in Mass Housing: Yol-İş Site and Kuzu Effect


Abstract Humanity's most basic needs arise from its relationship with nature. The residence, which is the most basic architectural reflection of the effect of nature on people, creates the greatest impact of human on nature as the architectural element that constitutes the majority of the city today. This puts it at a crucial point in terms of the city's sustainability and sustainable development. The aim of this study is to compare the sustainability of mass housing projects over two mass housing projects. In the first part of the study, a literature review has been made on the concepts of sustainability in housing and public housing. In the second part, in order to eliminate the impact of urban infrastructure, which is a factor that the project design cannot affect, on sustainability, two mass housing projects in Ankara, Ankara Yol-İş Site and Kuzu Effect Closed Site, were selected and a comparative and systematic data analysis was made in order to evaluate environmental sustainability. The results obtained were evaluated.