From Waste to Art, Design and Construction


ABSTRACT When the space is considered as a social product, man-made issues and their alternative solutions might be brought right in to this space as building materials to build and decorate the surfaces or layers. In this context, the plastic packaging wastes and their recycling problem significantly be taken as the man-made issue while the shredded waste mixture in bond resin to mold a building material could surely be its solution. Thus, a spatial design for the society made out of man-made problem and its’ alternative solution is a sustainable social product. As it is usually mentioned, the major problem with the recycling of the plastic wastes is the diversity of the chemical structures of the different plastic materials which leads to a strict separation implementation in the recycling facilities according to the official numeric recycling labels by various methods. Knowing that the chemical structures are causing this recycling problem, another perspective is needed to solve the plastic pollution by thinking outside the box, eliminating the chemical dead end. In this article, a recycled building material concept is highlighted for an alternative usage which is suitable for in and out door spatial designs regarding to the awareness of the growing plastic packaging waste issues, in an artistic way.