Online journal of Art and Design (OJAD), is aiming at sharing and disseminating art and design related innovations, ideas, research findings and advances throughout the world.  It is designating to host assortment of art and design related approaches, critiques and point of views.


The Journal is happy to welcome and introduce diversity of approaches: theoretical or practical. Moreover, scopes regarding the role and purpose of art and design, particularly the ones that question and even controvert values, both socially and culturally, presenting illustrated case studies, analyze and designate the past, present and future of certain art and design practices in all areas of art and design and occasionally thematic topics all comprise what OJAD is targeting at.


Online Journal of Art and Design is an open access quarterly published four times a year in the months of January, April, July and October, accepting articles in three languages; English, Italian and Turkish all of which will undergo a diligent inspection and double blind review by a group of internationally acknowledged reviewers. 


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Editorial Team



Art and Roman Architecture: God’s Face on the Temple Facade: A Case Study in Temple “P” in Side, Pamphylia / Turkey

Gamze Kaymak Heinz                                        

Authentic Evaluation of Radical Innovations: A Conceptual Framework

Ilgim Eroglu                                        

Avlunun Göstergebilimsel Yöntemle Analizi; Denizli Erbakır Fen Lisesi Avlusu

S. Ebru Okuyucu                                        

Ayaş, Başayaş Köyü’nde Bir Yeniden İşlevlendirme Önerisi: Tarihi Köy Camii ve Köy Evi Örneği

Gulsen Disli     Muge Bahceci                                    

Design and New Ontology

Serkan Gunes     Cigdem Gunes                                    

“Football is Never Only Football”: Semiotic Analysis of the Film ‘Looking for Eric’

Mete Kazaz     Yasemin Ozkent                                    

“Kotatsu” Örneğinden Yararlanarak Geleneksel Harput Evindeki “Kürsü” Kullanımının İyileştirilmesi ile Geleneksel Türk Evi’nin Restorasyonu’nda Isınma İhtiyacının Karşılanması

Ilknur Yuksel                                        

Notes on an Adaptive Reuse Experience in Design Studio

Umut Tuglu Karsli     Ipek Fitoz                                    

Reuse of a Special House; Manor of Mizzi on Prince Island in Istanbul

Gülhan Benli     Zafer Sagdic     Aysun Ferrah Guner     Pelin Karacar                            

Tell a Story of Space: A Narrative-Based Case Study through Abstracted Materials

Ugur Tuztasi     Pinar Koc